BX72R heavy duty professional wood chipper

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We have the BX72R chipper in stock now.

BX72R heavy duty professional wood chipper, for tractor from 30 to 100 HP.

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Free PTO shaft included.


Nova Tractor BX72R wood chipper is PTO shaft driven wood chipper for professional and fast processing of wood with up to 7 inch in diameter. Suitable for medium and large tractors with 30 to 100hp and Cat II three-point hitch.


Steplessly adjustable roller speed. Input roller speed is steplessly adjustable for easy adjustment of the chipper performance to diameter and type of wood. Smaller diameter can be pulled in and processed faster by the Nova Tractor BX72R wood chipper than larger or harder wood diameter. Especially for larger tractors with more than a 200bar / 2000mpa hydraulic pressure system, the BX72R is equipped with a second pressure valve in the input pressure pipe, so that the adjustment of the input roller speed can also be fine tuned when attached to large tractors.

Super heavy duty flywheel. Four 9.5inch long reversible knives, made of A8 level hardened tooling steel, are mounted on a 3/4inch wide and 220lbs heavy rotor of the BX72R wood chipper. Wood of up to 7inch diameter can be chipped into 1/2 to 2 inch sized pieces. Additionally mounted winglets on the rotor create the necessary air flow needed to guide even difficult material through the chipper. Inside the massive rotor housing additional replaceable branch breakers are mounted to even shred small branches efficiently.



The output hopper height is 7.5ft, can be turned by 230° and is able to throw the wood chips up to 40ft far. Trailers, containers and big bags can be easily filled. An output hopper extension of 20inch from 7.5ft to 9.5ft is optionally available, so that even large truck trailers can be easily filled. The Nova Tractor BX72R has a capacity of up to 15 cu yd (12m³/h) wood chips per hour.

Easy maintenance. The newest features of the Nova Tractor BX72R wood chipper are an easy to open service door under the lower input roller, so that debris and wood parts can be easily removed and movable parts can easily be serviced. The completely redesigned BX72R wood chipper also offers a trouble free access to the feeding rollers, where now the adjustable counter knife can also be found. Just 2 bolts have to be loosened to lift the upper input roller together with its massive mounting frame and service the infeed rollers fast and efficiently.


Easy maintenance. For transportation of the chipper, the large input chute can be easily folded up by only one person and can be secured without any tools. By removing only one bolt, you get access to the rotor and knives of the Nova Tractor BX72R wood chipper, making maintenance jobs are matter of minutes. The extremely heavy 220lbs rotor disc creates a very strong air flow with its special design winglets, so that stuck material inside the chipper is virtually impossible. Since the hydraulic rollers can turn backwards instantly, blocked material in the input chute can be pulled out of the chipper within seconds.

Wide chute open.The new foldable and extremely wide 35inch input chute can be operated by the new safety bar from all sides of the machine.

The Nova Tractor BX72R comes with a PTO shaft with friction clutch for a perfect and safe power transmission from the tractor.

The Nova Tractor BX-shredders comply with all safety regulations and is CE tested following the 2006/42/EC machine directive.


BX72R wood chipper needs one loop tractor rear hydraulic. We supply option parts hydraulic oil tank kit for tractor which doesn't have rear hydraulics.

Partially assembled machines do not contain any fuel, oil or other fluids or grease needed for operation ! BEFORE USING THE MACHINE please carefully read the English user manual.

Technical Data
Dimensions working condition (LxWxH) 95x48x90 inch
height 7.5 ft
Diemensions transport condition (LxWxH)
87x51x91 inch
Net weight 1100 lbs
3-point hitch Cat I (Cat II bushing included)
PTO shaft RPM 540 ~ 1000 RPM
Best performance. PTO shaft RPM 1000 RPM
length of PTO shaft 39 inch
PTO shaft safety friction clutch
drive system direct drive
lenght of hydraulic pipes exceed 3 point upper hitch side 43 inch
Tractor engine power recommended 30 -120hp
power needed for max. performance 50 - 80hp
rotor diameter 30 inch
rotor width 3/4 inch
rotor weight 220 lbs
number of knifes 4 + 1
rotor knife 9.5x2.4x0.35 inch, reversible
counter knife 8.5x2x0.35 inch
counter knife adjustment capacity 0.3 inch
hopper opening 35x28 inch
chipper housing opening (width x height) 7x8 inch
max. diameter of shredding material < 7 inch
adjustable size of shredded material 0.5 to 2 inch
feeding system Hydraulic foreward/backward
discharge hopper max height from ground 7.5 ft (9.5 ft with option extended chute)
hopper turning angle 0 - 230°
material strength of housing 1/4 inch
painting powder coated
metal transportbox (LxWxH) 90x51x50 inch


Check chipper's 3 point hitch size from here.