BCRI Heavy Duty Ditch Mower

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BCRI-180 $3700, BCRI-200 $3850, BCRI-220 $4000, BCRI-240 $4150.

The BCRI mowers are sold out, the BCRI-180/200/220 will be available next March, the BCRI240 will be available next May.

BCRI-series - for working widths from 180cm/70inch to 240cm/94inch.

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Free PTO shaft included.

Ditch mower for medium and big tractors with 50hp to 100hp with CAT II. 3-point hitch.


Nova BCRI heavy duty ditch mower with 1300gr/2.8lbs flail hammers, for medium and big tractors from 40hp to 90hp engines with Cat. II 3-point hitches, working width is from 1800mm/70inch to 2400mm/94inch, 154cm/60inch hydraulic side-shift capacity, mowing range angle from -60° to +90°, the maximum distance from the middle of the tractor to the right side of the mower is up to 142 inch , depending on the BCRI-model.

The hydraulic swivel arm not only allows mowing in almost any position, but it also saves manoeuvring in narrow corners when you use the BCRI as regular flail mower. Your tractor needs 2 double acting hydraulic control circuits in order to fully operate the swivel arm.


Comer Transmission. Nova BCRI heavy duty ditch mower use transmission from Comer Industries.

Two section PTO shaft. Through the application of two PTO shafts (a long shaft with a wide angle), it is possible to work in every position without the risk of damaging a PTO shaft.

Rear gate. Nova BCRI is with rear gate, easy for maintenance.

Reinforced 3 point hitch. Nova BCRI is with reinforced 3 point hitch.

Forged flail hammer. Nova BCRI is with forged and galvanized high performance hammer knives, each weight is 1300gr/2.8lbs.

Mechanical crash protection system: The Nova BCRI series offers a crash protection system, which lets the mower swing out to the back, in case you hit a solid piece of material. This additional swinging feature gives the tractor driver the opportunity to brake in time, before serious damage is done to the mower. This safety feature is totally maintenance free and runs reliably for years.

Safety protection valve. Nova BCRI has 2 safety valve to prevent tractor falling accident due to mower falling too fast. When transport the BCRI, Nova provide 2 locking pin to keep mower in safe transport position.

Replaceable counter knife . The counter knife in the mower housing and replaceable, are helping to do an even more efficient job as before.

Heavy duty roller. The mowing height is adjusted by the heavy, ball-bearing mounted self cleaning rear roller which is 7.6" diameter, to prevent the mower from cutting into the ground on bumpy surface.

Heavy duty front flaps. The mower′s front is equipped with heavy duty safety flaps to prevent debris and stones being thrown out of the machine.

Strong V belt. The BCRI series has an electronically balanced rotor shaft which is driven by 4 belts depending on the working width. Despite the high flail hammer knife weight of 1200gr/2.6lbs, this guarantees an almost 100% power transfer rate with virtually 0% belt slippage. The new Nova belt cover is unique in the BCRI mower class. The correct belt tension can be checked within seconds without having to remove the belt cover. This makes service and maintenance a lot easier than before.

Electronically balanced rotor. Like all other Nova mowers, the BCRI series has an electronically balanced knife shaft which is driven by 4 wide belts. The heavy free-wheel gear box runs in an oil bath, so the transmission oil has to be filled up before you first use the machine.

We from Nova Tractor firmly believe that you will not find a better value for money mid size flail mower in the US market. Feel free to compare ours to the other products in the market and we are sure you will agree.


BCRI ditch bank mower has two cylinders, so it needs two loops tractor rear hydraulics.

Partially assembled machines do not contain any fuel, oil or other fluids or grease needed for operation ! BEFORE USING THE MACHINE please carefully read the English user manual.

Technical Data
2080x1400x750mm / 82x57x30inch

2280x1400x750mm / 90x57x30inch
2480x1400x750mm / 98x57x30inch
2680x1400x750mm / 106x57x30inch
height of mower body (right side)
45cm / 18inch
662kg / 1459lbs
688kg / 1516lbs
714kg / 1574lbs
750kg / 1653lbs
working width
1800mm / 70inch
2000mm / 78inch
2200mm / 86inch
2400mm / 94inch
adjustable mowing height
20 - 75mm / 0.75 - 2.95inch
hydraulic side movement
1540mm / 60inch
max. range from middle of tractor
3005mm/118inch (horizontal position)
3205mm/126inch (horizontal position)
3405mm/134inch (horizontal position)
3605mm/142inch (horizontal position)
max. range from middle of tractor
1907mm / 75inch (in 90° position for hedge)
slope mowing angle
-60° to 90°
3-point hitch tractor
PTO shaft specification
540 RPM
PTO shaft length
800mm / 70inch (first PTO shaft)+ 1500mm / 59inch (wide angle PTO shaft)
total length hydraulic pipes
working efficiency per hour(approx.)
5900 - 14500 m² / 1.4 – 3.5acre
6500 - 16000 m² / 1.6 – 3.9acre
7000 - 18000 m² / 1.7 – 4.4acre
7500 - 19500 m² / 1.85 – 4.8acre
drive system
4 belts
Tractor engine power recommended
50-80hp / 37-60kw

50-80hp / 37-60kw
60-90hp / 44-66kw
65-100hp / 48-74kw
material strength knife shaft cover
4mm / 0.15inch
4mm / 0.15inch
4mm / 0.15inch
4mm / 0.15inch
powder coating. BCRI180(green and gray), BCRI200(gray), BCRI220(gray).
flail form
number of flails
weight per flail
1300gr / 2.8lbs
RPM of flail shaft
transport box (LxWxH)

Liftgate for delivery is not available because the BCRI packing crate is too big.

Check mower's 3 point hitch size from here.


Check mower's position on your tractor according to this size list.

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