BCX Heavy Duty Flail Mower

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We have BCX260 mower in stock. Because the BCX mower is too heavy, so we will not offer free shipping on BCX mower. Call us for details.

BCX260 - for 260cm / 102inches working width, for 5 feet high grass and branch, for 90 - 150HP tractor.

Heavy duty flail mower with hydraulic side-shift for larger tractors with 90hp to 150hp engines with CAT II / CAT III 3-point hitches for front and rear side mounting.

Free PTO shaft included.


Double housing. For wide and heavy fail mowers, using very high RPM on the rotor shaft, a torsion-resistant and low vibration housing is the precondition for a reliable machine. Next to massive side walls, which are 10mm thick on the Nova Tractor BCX-series, best results are achieved when using double walled housings. The Nova Tractor BCX-mower comes with double housing design. This leads to a very smooth operation of this professional implement.

20 inches offset capacity . Nova Tractor BCX mower is with 20 inches offset capacity.

Floating hitch design . Nova Tractor BCX mower is with floating hitch design, protect the mower when mowing on uneven ground. It can be mounted on tractor's both front and rear.

New 3 LBS forged flail hammer.  Nova Tractor BCX is with forged and galvanized high performance hammer knives, each weight is 1400gr / 3lbs.

Replaceable counter knife. The new replaceable counter knife, integrated in the mower housing, are helping to do an even more efficient job as before.

Heavy duty roller. The mowing height is adjusted by the heavy, ball-bearing mounted self cleaning rear roller, to prevent the mower from cutting into the ground on bumpy surface.

Heavy duty front flaps. The mower's front is equipped with heavy duty safety flaps to prevent debris and stones being thrown out of the machine.

Solid wooden packing box. The mower is delivered in the massive Nova Tractor wooden boxes.

5 belts Driven system. Like all other Nova Tractor mowers, the BCX series has an electronically balanced rotor shaft which is driven by 5 belts depending on the working width. Despite the high flail hammer knife weight of 3 lbs, this guarantees an almost 100% power transfer rate with virtually 0% belt slippage.

Electronically balanced rotor. All the Nova Tractor mowers has an electronically balanced knife shaft which is driven by 3 or 4 wide belts. The heavy free-wheel gear box runs in an oil bath, so the transmission oil has to be filled up before you first use the machine.

We from Nova Tractor firmly believe that you will not find a better value for money mid size flail mower in the US market. Feel free to compare ours to the other products in the market and we are sure you will agree.

Partially assembled machines do not contain any fuel, oil or other fluids or grease needed for operation ! BEFORE USING THE MACHINE please carefully read the English user manual.

Technical Data
Dimensions (HxWxD)
109x42x39 inches
total weight (include the PTO shaft)
1940 lbs
cutting width
102 inches
adjustable mowing height
0.75 - 2.95inch
recommended grass height
< 6 feet
hydraulic side movement
3-point hitch
Cat II & III
PTO shaft, clockwise
3540 RPM
PTO shaft length
working efficiency (approx.)
3~6 acre/h
no. of belts / width
5 / 17mm
tractor engine power; recommended
housing thickness
5+5 mm (double housing)
side walls thickness 10mm
powder coating
flail form
forging hammer
number of flails (separately exchangable)
weight per flail
3 lbs
RPM of flail shaft when PTO 540RPM
2140 RPM
RPM of flail shaft when PTO 1000RPM (exchange pulleys up and down)
2270 RPM
powder coated
rotor pipe size
6.6 / 0.4 inches
roller pipe size
7.7 / 0.25 inches
transport box (LxWxH), lift gate for delivery is not available, the packing weight is too heavy
115x42x40 inches

Check mower's 3 point hitch size from here.


Check mower's position on your tractor according to this size list.