BX52RSH wood chipper

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We have sold out BX52RSH wood chipper this moment. It will be available in June 1st.

BX52RSH hydraulic feeding wood chipper.

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Free PTO shaft included.

Nova Tractor BX52RSH PTO shaft driven wood chipper with hydraulic feeding system for professional and fast processing of wood with up to 5 inch in diameter. Suitable for small and medium tractors with 30 to 60hp and Cat I three-point hitch.


The Nova Tractor BX52RSH wood chipper offers best performance at 40 to 50hp tractor engine power. Wood branches are pulled into the wood shredder with the help of the hydraulic system, driving the upper of the 2 opposed feeding rollers, which drag in the wood into the wood chipper. The Nova Tractor BX52RSH offers fast and easy operation. The two infeed rollers are mounted with ball bearings on each side so that both rollers are firmly guided, unable to tilt in any direction. The large safety bracket operates the hydraulic functions (IN - OUT - STOP) of the feeding rollers, so that almost all wood jams can be easily solved by the "reverse" gear.


Input roller speed is steplessly adjustable for easy adjustment of the chipper performance to diameter and type of wood. Smaller diameter can be pulled in and processed faster by the Nova Tractor BX52RSH wood chipper than larger or harder wood diameter.

Four 8 1/4 inch long knives, made of hardened tooling steel, are mounted on a 5/8 inch wide and 143 LBS heavy rotor of the BX52RSH wood chipper. Wood of up to 5 inch diameter can be chipped into 1/4 to 2 inch sized pieces. Additionally mounted winglets on the rotor create the necessary air flow needed to guide even difficult material through the chipper. Inside the massive rotor housing additional replaceable branch breakers are mounted to even shred small branches efficiently. The output hopper height is 7 feet, can be turned by 230° and is able to throw the wood chips up to 8m far. Trailers, containers and big bags can be easily filled. The Nova Tractor BX52RSH has a capacity of up to 7-8m³/h wood chips per hour.

A8-tooling-steel knife: It's with four 8.2 inch length knives from hardened A8-tooling-steel. The rotor knife is reversible.

The new foldable and for this size wood chipper extremely wide 2 feet input chute can be operated by the new safety bar from all sides of the machine.

For transportation of the chipper, the large input chute can be easily folded up by only one person and can be secured without any tools. By removing only one bolt, you get access to the rotor and knives of the Nova Tractor BX52RSH wood chipper, making maintenance jobs are matter of minutes. The heavy rotor disc creates a very strong air flow with its speciall design winglets, so that stuck material inside the chipper is virtually impossible. Since the hydraulic roller can turn backwards instantly, blocked material in the input chute can be pulled out of the chipper within seconds.

✔independant hydraulic system with tank and pump

✔up to 1000 rpm rotor speed

✔4 rotor knives cut the wood up to 67 times per sec

✔PTO shaft with safety shear bolt

✔rotor housing and feeding roller housing are easy and fast to open

✔foldable input chute

The NOVA TRACTOR BX52SRH wood shredder wood chipper comply with all safety regulations and is CE tested following the 2006/42/EC machine directive.

We from NOVA TRACTOR Tractor firmly believe that you will not find a better value for money heavy duty tractor wood shredder in the market. Feel free to compare our product to others in the market and we are sure you will agree.


Partially assembled machines do not contain any fuel , oil or other fluids or grease needed for operation ! BEFORE USING THE MACHINE please carefully read the English user manual.

Technical Data
Dimensions (HxWxD)
total weight
3-point hitch CAT I
max. PTO shaft RPM 540 - 1000 RPM (1 3/8" 6spline)
best result acchieved with 1000 RPM
length of PTO shaft 27 inch
drive system direct drive
built in hydraulic system oil tank: 10L
Tractor engine power recommended 30-60hp / 22-45kw
power needed for max. performance 40-50hp
rotor diameter 23inch
rotor width 2/3 inch
rotor weight 143 lbs
rotor shaft replaceable, not welded
number of knives 4 + 1
length of rotor knife 8.2 inch
counter knife adjustment range 0 - 1/3 inch
hopper opening 23 x 21 inch
chipper housing opening 5.5 x 6.5 inch
recommended diameter of shredding material < 5 inch
adjustable size of shredded material 0.7 - 1.5 inch
feeding system Hydraulic foreward/backward
discharge height 86 inch
material strength of housing 1/6 inch
powder coated
transport rack (LxWxH)
83x39x47 inch

Check chipper's 3 point hitch size from here.