HTLS heavy duty rotary tiller

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HTLS series tiller - for working widths from 155cm/61inch to 205cm/81inch, for tractor with 35HP to 70HP Cat I / II 3-point-hitch.

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Free slip clutch PTO shaft included.


The Nova Tractor HTLS tiller is a professional tractor tiller for thorough tilling any kind of soil on medium and larger sized land. The working width of from 155cm/61inch to 205cm/81inch and the three-way adjustable working depth of up to 18cm / 7inches makes the HTLS tiller superior to standard tillers in this price segment.

In contrast to other tiller offered in the market, we use between 42 and 60 specially hardened blades made from alloy steel, each with a weight of 570gram / 1.25lbs.

Unlike other tiller using a chain or belt for transmission, the Nova Tractor HTLS tiller is using a heavy maintenance-free oil bath gear transmission, letting the laser balanced blade shaft run smoothly through even heavy and hard soil.


Underneath the tiller′s massive up to 1/4 inch strong steel housing sits the laser balanced shaft with flanges in 10inches distance, each equipped with 6 specially designed blades. The blades are made of boron steel and can be individually exchanged or regrinded.

The reinforced free-wheel transmission lets the rotor shaft of the tiller turn, once the PTO is switched off, so that its movement will not be transferred to the tractor. The PTO shaft supplied with the tiller has a friction clutch for a perfect protection. The lower hitch Cat I / II connectors of the tiller can be adjusted to perfectly position your HTLS tiller behind your tractor and according to its track width.

The height adjustable rear cover of the tiller is providing a smooth finish to the loosened soil and is also an important safety feature,

The completely assembled HTLS tiller is delivered in the massive Nova Tractor wooden crates. Just the 3-point hitch and the PTO shaft protector have to be assembled to the tiller, taking you less than 20min.

. PTO shaft with friction clutch included in the shipment

. boron steel knives

. free-wheel transmission protects your tractor after PTO is switched off

. easy positioning of the tiller behind your tractor by our adjustable Cat I lower hitches (also works for Cat II)

. rear safety cover ; spring controlled makes the ground even

. front safety covers for HTLS tiller

. side transmission with oil bath gear

The Nova Tractor HTLS tiller complies with all safety regulations and is CE tested following the 2006/42/EC machine directive.

We from Nova Tractor firmly believe that you will not find a better value for money mid size flail mower in the US market. Feel free to compare ours to the other products in the market and we are sure you will agree.


Partially assembled machines do not contain any fuel, oil or other fluids or grease needed for operation ! BEFORE USING THE MACHINE please carefully read the English user manual.

Technical Data
dimension (Length x Width x Height)
67x28x32 inch
78x28x32 inch
87x28x32 inch
Total weight
Working width
61 inches
73 inches
81 inches
Working depth (depend on soil condition)
4 - 7 inches

3-point hitch
Cat I & II

PTO shaft specification
540 RPM

PTO shaft length
33 inches

PTO shaft security
slip friction clutch

drive system
gear transmission

transmission oil capacity
1,5 litre gear box 1.5 litre side box

Tractor engine power recommended
Rotor shaft RPM

material strength knife shaft cover
1/4 inch

material strength side walls
3/8 inch

red powder coating

number of blades per flange
number of blades (separately exchangable)
rotor shaft diameter/material strength
3 / 0.3 inch

weight per blade
570 gram / 1.25 lbs

blade material
boron steel
transport box (LxWxH)